Interview: Chris Lewis, founder of world leading PR company Lewis Global Communications


Chris Lewis is the founder of Lewis Global Communications, one of the world’s leading public relations and communications agencies, with 600 staff across 27 offices throughout Asia, Europe and North America.

He is the author of three books; ‘The Unemployables’ a profile of 40 high achievers from all walks of life, ‘Brilliant Minds’ a satirical novel about politics and advertising, and his latest ‘Too Fast To Think’ – highlighting ways of reclaiming your creativity in a hyper-connected work culture, which recently topped the Amazon Hot New Releases chart. (All proceeds from his latest book are going to the creative arts foundation Kupambana.)

[Please note this interview was recorded before recent events in the Presidential elections in the United States.] Read more

Here’s a great storytelling tip to write a better script for your year ahead in 2017


The script for your year ahead – your speech lines and plot are already part-written. Yet is it the script you want? Is it the script that delivers the results you seek?

Luckily, you can do something to change your destiny, to create the outcomes you desire.

If you want to change things however, you first need to identify the script you are currently running. To change the behaviour or the expected outcome, you need to change the underlying script.

I teach about ‘story-listening’ in my Brand Story classes.

I share that there are 5 Prime Plots – by knowing the 5 Prime Plots you can listen and identify the plot at work in any message or communication. Read more

Celebrate Twixtmas


I love this time of year – forget Christmas or New Year – yes, Twixtmas is coming; the five days between the Christmas and New Year holidays. These days are a precious opportunity to do five things to make your world a better place.

We all complain of being ‘time poor’, yet we have five days where many complain of being bored, stuck in the house or fed up with the prospect of shopping or crowded car parks and city centres.

For several years now I have been promoting Twixtmas, tying into a theme of celebrating reciprocal altruism and building social capital. Twixtmas offers a fresh alternative to the excessive consumerism of Christmas, or the
over-indulgence of New Year.

It’s a time to do good, take stock, or look at things in a fresh light.

There are a lot of useful tips, advice and inspiration on the Twixtmas website.

Why not write your ten goals for the year, contact a friend or family member you’ve lost touch with, or do something for the environment?

Each day of Twixtmas has a special theme to encourage you to make the most of this special opportunity.

There’s even a test to measure how time poor you are (what do you mean? You haven’t got time to click through 🙂 ) Read more

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