October 16, 2016 Andy Green

Major event to tackle social capital crisis


Put this event and date in your diary – ‘A New Social Capital Agenda – new ideas for transforming the relationship between social capital, social media and citizenship’. Senedd, Cardiff November 10th 4.30pm for 5-7.30pm

I believe Wales and the rest of the UK has a long-term crisis. Unless urgent action is taken our society faces serious consequences.

Fewer of us are getting involved in doing things, running things or just hanging around with each other – how we help each other to help each other, or what is formally known as ‘Social Capital’.

This limits our capacity to connect, co-operate and collaborate. It affects the very heartbeat of our communities.

Whether it is recognizing two tribes who are increasingly having less to do with each other in Post-Referendum UK, of, or simply things that we took for granted no longer happening; the impact of declining Social Capital is becoming evident. And many say it’s getting worse.

There is a need for a ‘New Social Capital Agenda’ that overcomes both the challenge of declining Social Capital in our communities, as well addressing the failure of the concept of ‘Social Capital’ itself to gain wider traction among change activists. We need to learn lessons and start things differently. Quickly.

The Royal Society for the encouragement of the Arts, Manufactures & Commerce and others have been investing in practical new approaches to address these questions to make a difference.

Our special event at the Senedd Cardiff, sponsored by Jane Hutt AM will share the insights, ideas and inspirations from these pioneering and innovative projects to share what has been learned – and how we can go forward.

Join Professor Ian Hargreaves of Cardiff University on the ‘Creative Citizen’, Professor Joyce Kenkre of the University of South Wales on ‘Social Well-being’, and RSA Fellows Andy Green on ‘the Barry IdeasBank’ and Luke Loveridge on ‘Cardiff Citizen Tech Pioneers’sharing trailblazing new ideas, new thinking and new doing.

The ‘New Social Capital Agenda’ event showcases work that goes beyond talk with practical actions and engagement on building the muscle for creating stronger Social Capital, along with harnessing constructive use of social media, to build a society that is more connected, capable and confident.

Is the story of Social Capital more one of transformation? Can we improve social connectivity provided through smarter use of online media? Do new opportunities in social media and greater on-line connectivity offer new opportunities for a more engaged and creative citizenship? What off-line engagement needs to be done?

This special event will be a chance for you to listen – and, we hope, engage. For you to contribute, to start making things different. As the great American baseball legend Yogi Berra once said: “Always go to other people’s funerals, otherwise they won’t come to yours.” So please, do come along to help make a difference.

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