July 16, 2017 Andy Green

Barry’s first ‘Festival of Ideas’ at the 8th Friendship Festival

I am organising Barry’s first ‘Festival of Ideas’ – a sharing of new ideas, personal passions, and poetry – is taking place as part of the 8th annual Friendship Tree Festival between 11am-4pm on Sunday July 23rd at the Knap gardens, Barry.

The ‘Festival of Ideas’ is a pop-up event aiming to be part platform for the spoken word and part soapbox for anyone in Barry who has anything to say to make the world a better place. It is being organised in my role as founder of the Barry IdeasBank.

It will feature an open mic programme of seven minute slots for anyone who has an idea – so long as it’s not racist, party political, or tedious.

The Festival has already attracted a number of poets sharing their poems along with polemicists speaking on topics such as the need for a universal basic income, why we need to speak to our neighbours, and is there such a thing as ‘Barryitus’?

So, if you’re in the area, bring an idea along with your friends and picnic – and share it.

The Festival Ideas aims to stimulate minds and passions. We’ve all got something to say to make our world a better place. Barry has a lot of inspiring, talented people and lots who care about issues both local and global – and we want to hear them.

The annual Friendship Festival is a free event organised by Art4U kindly supported in kind by the Vale of Glamorgan Council. The theme of the festival is ‘Peace and Friendship’. It aims is to create a gentle event, with a friendly atmosphere.

Further details on Facebook.

The event will feature many local talented musicians and dancers together with a few guest surprises. Artists performing include Silimbe African drumming Group, Hank Hillman Band featuring Derick and Brian, Georga Patterson Band, Matthew Hann, Persian Bells with Steph Gawne, Bel Blue, Tenovus Choir, Wayne Brennan, Persian Bells, The Danielle Nichols Band, To Bear Sir, Dylan Morgan, Vivian Hinds Payne, Steve David, Soho Sopranos, Danielle Nichols Band, Chris Bourge and Paul Duggan, and Andy Johnson.

The Barry IdeasBank was one of the longest-running community forum for ideas pioneering new ways for people to make their communities better. The on-line forum is currently is in hibernation but has plans to re-open to realise its ambition to create an ideas bank for every town or city in the UK in the next 10 years.

Art4U is a voluntary arts group who aim to bring collaborative art to the public of Barry and bring people outdoors to celebrate nature. For more information on Art4u and the Friendship Tree Festival, please visitwww.art4uwales.org.uk

For further details of the ‘Barry Festival of Ideas’ contact Andy Green on 07815 884 525 or email andy@andygreencreativity or on Twitter @BarryIdeasbank

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