March 1, 2018 Andy Green

Biggest-ever UK-wide Brand Story Tour 2018

I am doing the biggest-ever UK tour to transform the story telling capabilities of public relations and comms professionals. It is taking place in March and April visiting Bristol, Manchester, Edinburgh and London – with only a few tickets left.

The goal is to enable PR and Comms practitioners move from being tellers of news stories into better storytellers, and outstanding narrative and story strategists, enabling them to be at the forefront as the industry evolves into becoming master storytellers across Owned, Shared, Earned and Paid-for media.

The one day Brand and Brand Story workshop provides delegates with a toolkit with new thinking, strategies and tools to transform how they deliver results at work. The biggest excuse not to do training is ‘I can’t afford to spend a day out of the office.’ The workshop overcomes this by combining working on your own real world challenges coupled with a profound learning and development experience, so avoiding any downtime.

Here’s how one delegate, Emma Wheat of leading food, health and well-being specialists Ceres PR described her experience of the Brand and Brand Story workshop. ”The course really confirmed to me how much more effective and exciting communications can be once a brand story is invoked. Stories attract people, and people are driven to make decisions based on their emotions.” Emma’s full blog can be read here.


The Brand Story UK Tour includes:

  • Bristol March 12th (SOLD OUT)
  • Manchester March 14th
  • Edinburgh March 19th
  • London April 4th

There are just a few places left. To book your place contact the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) here.

I believe every business, brand or campaign has a story to tell. You can achieve a competitive advantage by understanding how Brand and Brand Storytelling works. You will learn how to deliver Big Multi Channel Ideas, in your news stories, social media campaigns, or memes and take advantage of some great easy-to-use tools making your communications more distinctive, compelling and authentic.

Brand & Brand Story is part of an effort by the PRCA to ensure PR, Comms and Content Marketing professionals are in the driving seat in marketing communications to manage and deliver corporate narrative and brand storytelling, with previously London-based courses now coming to other locations around the UK.

Hope you can join us. If you are interested in your own in-house bespoke Brand & Brand Story workshop, where we work on your live challenges, do get in touch.


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