April 18, 2017 Andy Green

Great training session offer

What an amazing ‘2 Masterclasses in 1’ offer‘. I have teamed-up with one of the leading mutli-channel Content producers to offer an exceptional value session in just a morning session on Wednesday May 10th in London.

It offers powerful story and narrative creation from me and, from Russell Goldsmith, you get how to realize your idea into compelling Content, particularly video.

We live in an age of integrated comms where ideas and stories have to succeed across multiple channels. In one morning session you can transform your abilities to deliver great stories through an integrated campaign.

Explore the opportunities available to you to use video to engage your audiences, be that owned, earned or paid for, from micro-content, such as Instagram and Snapchat, to streaming events through Periscope and Facebook Live.

Learn how to use video to amplify your message and improve reach through targeted coverage on online media and influential bloggers; work with Social Talent and YouTubers; generate buzz; improve SEO and increase your ROI

You will also see examples of how interactive video can drive sales both on and off-line, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality plus we finish with some production tips and what’s involved in subtitling and voice-overs as well.

Tickets and further details on this great ‘2 Masterclasses in 1’ offer here.

Russell Goldsmith is the current Co-Chair of the International Communications Consultancy Organization (ICCO) Innovations in Communications Panel and has been at the forefront of award winning Live Streaming & On-Demand content creation for PR & Comms.
He is published author and contributor to industry books, magazines and blogs and is currently presenting the csuitepodcast, available on Soundcloud and iTunes
I will be sharing the essential skills of great storytellers. Understand how narrative governs everything you do – and how you can manage it for gaining attention, changing behaviours, or rewriting your future.

Discover key ‘story-listening skills’, and what you can do to turn the bland into compelling strategic brand stories that achieve results.

Learn how to spot an under-performing story, and how to be a ‘Story Doctor’ to transform how you, and your colleagues, do Comms

7 reasons to attend
1. You will receive high-value, action-packed insights, tools and techniques.
2. You want to improve your skills and capabilities.
3. A great opportunity to learn from 2 leading experts in 1 joint Masterclass.
4. You’ll like how you can develop you and your team’s talents to achieve even greater results
5. You can trust it will be good use of your time and budget.
6. Places are however, limited
7. You will join a leading group of professionals at the top of their game.