July 24, 2017 Andy Green

Helping Ireland lead the way in new qualification for Creativity in PR and Comms

I am really delighted to be working in partnership with the Public Relations Institute of Ireland (PRII) to launch a new professional qualification in ‘Creativity’ for the communications industry – believed to be a world first – enabling professionals to achieve a competitive advantage in their work.

The course is designed to provide both the strategic and tactical skills to achieve better results in offline and online communications and improve delegates’ management of the creative dimension at work.

Delivered through four linked weekend courses, with assessment based on producing a campaign case study, successful delegates will receive a Certificate in ‘Creativity and Creativity Management in PR and Comms’.

The programme is the latest in the suite of qualification-based training offered by the Institute covering key areas of communications practice.
Although creativity, strategic thinking and problem-solving are recognised as essential industry skills, they are also among the most neglected in professional development – a challenge made even more critical with rapidly changes in how creativity is delivered in modern-day practice.

Participants will learn skills to think quicker, be more insightful, and more strategic with the programme covering new trends in storytelling, content marketing, collaborative working, and using online tools to deliver better results.

The course is designed to offer a win-win through delivering both learning and development while also working on delegates own real-world work challenges. It is suitable for all grades of practitioners in-house or agency wanting to improve or develop their strategic and tactical creative thinking skills, as well as experienced professionals wanting a fresh look at a key area of practice.

Delegates will learn how to:
• avoid common mistakes and recognise some of the myths surrounding ‘creative people’
• identify which creativity tools are appropriate for different tasks
• manage brainstorm sessions and use new online and SEO tools to spark creative idea
• create ‘Big Multi Channel Ideas’.
• facilitate creative mindfulness
• spot a narrative, using creative tools for more powerful storytelling
• collaborate and build social capital to make their ideas grow

The programme uses my expertise in creativity, author of ‘Creativity in Public Relations’ which has been translated into 8 languages. I previously produced for the UK Chartered Institute of Public Relations own Innovation & Creativity Toolkit.

I am also one of the most experienced industry award judges, judging this year some five industry awards, connecting me with the latest and best in new creative work.

Commenting on the launch of the new qualification, Frank Condon, Development & Research Manager Public Relations Institute of Ireland said: “Creativity is at the heart of outstanding communications. Our programme is a world-leader aiming to create world-beaters, to enable Irish businesses and organizations to be even more competitive and successful with better insights, strategies and award-winning creative campaigns.”

Further details of the new Certificate programme available here

Places are limited so do book your place.

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