September 5, 2016 Andy Green

Vote Andy Green in CIPR Council elections


I am standing for election to the Council of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

If you are a Member of the Institute I would ask you firstly to vote (I think it’s 9 out of 10 don’t bother to vote) and secondly, do please consider voting for me.

I’m keen to ensure the Institute, in a very uncertain age, shows leadership and guidance for members and the wider profession. I aim to do whatever I can, to help in this challenge.


Here is my Candidate Statement published on the Institute’s web site.

I care for the future of our Institute and that’s why I’m asking for your vote to be re-elected to your Council.

Our profession faces serious challenges and needs a professional body to lead the way in creating a better future for its members and the wider world.

I’ve made a short animated film sharing my thinking on a ‘New School PR’ to provide new definitions, theory and guidance on what PR is and how to do it. Check it out on my web site [The film will go live later this week. In the meantime, check out my animated video produced for last year’s CIPR President campaign – its message is even more relevant today.]

The Institute has a fantastic group of fellow professionals who give up their valuable time to serve the wider good. Its Chartered status provides it with one of the best public relations Brand badges in the world.

It has a bureaucracy with some excellent people doing a fantastic job.

Last year I stood for President to ensure the post was contested, to keep democracy alive at the heart of the Institute; a deed I was very proud of.

The election however, was a tough experience and I wondered whether my contribution was of value. However, I listened to many good people in the Institute who encouraged me to stay, to help shape the Institute we all need.

I started my career in local government PR and in over 35 years worked, mainly in agency, have been there, done that, and yes, even designed the T-shirt.

I joined the Institute in 1988, serving as regional Chair of the then Yorkshire Group. Achievements included producing the Institute’s very first T-shirt and organizing what is believed to be the first Festival of Public Relations, in Leeds, back in 1993.

Now a Fellow, I also received the Sir Stephen Tallents medal for my contribution to developing training in the industry. I produced the Institute’s Innovation & Creativity Toolkit – a fantastic resource with over 57 tools, which if you haven’t used, I urge you to try.

In two years as a Council member I have produced three discussion papers, including producing a dashboard for the CIPR to manage its affairs and share with members, a collaboration policy, and the need for a new social mission. The lack of progress on these is indicative of the need for a voice to challenge groupthink and the status quo within the Institute.

By serving on Council I will continue to ensure I make a good, honest, positive contribution to our Institute – an Institute that does the ‘right thing’.

I now have a portfolio career including university lecturing, an associate with four PR and ecommerce agencies across the UK, run a social enterprise tackling the crisis in declining Social Capital, and my own Brand Story consultancy.

So, I’m very much at the forefront of new thinking and doing. A place our Institute needs to be at.

The CIPR faces some severe challenges ahead. It’ll need good people at hand to help it survive and grow.

Hopefully, I can live up to any trust you place in me.

Andy Green FCIPR






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