May 27, 2016 agreen


Why a new Brand and Brand Storytelling agency?

We live in exciting yet challenging times.

New media channels and tools, growing understanding of neuroscience and psychology, and understanding of Brand communications provide greater opportunities.

Yet increasing complexity, faster moving times, greater competition and uncertainty makes it even harder to get heard to survive or succeed.

That’s why we’re launching ‘Story Starts Here’.

We’re driven by frustration of witnessing so many brands or campaigns fail because they fail to achieve stand out, create connection with key audiences, and lack credibility, trust or hope.

Over the coming weeks we will be sharing new insights, tools, learning to help give you greater strength and power in how you think, connect and communicate to your own people, customers, and your wider community and decision-makers.

If you want to transform your situation through either a Brand or Brand Story project or training – then your story starts here.

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